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Originally Posted by JerryJS8 View Post
But for a "*longterm* daily driver" I'd go with the best air quality rather than... bling.
The title of this thread was true for a time after I started this thread, but at this point it's a once/twice per week fun driver. I like driving it to work and would everyday, but I have a nagging sporadic high idle I need to just address. Usually Saturdays it goes to work since there's no traffic. But I am devoted to this car. Its not going anywhere.

I read the majority of every link you posted. I was uninformed, that's for sure. I don't drive in poor conditions typically and the filter will be (mostly) enclosed in the heat shield. So, I think I'm going to go for something like the AEM dry filter +Kardboard+ showed. The dimensions should fit nice and no oil is clearly the way to go.
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