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My car has been on the back burner for the last few months due to doing an engine swap on my brother's wagon in my driveway. But that is finally complete and working well for the most part. Now I've got my workspace back.

I was bored so I rolled my car up on ramps. I'd always read about people removing frame rail weights on 7/9 cars and decided I had nothing better to do. A lot of folks probably think doing this is a waste of time and maybe so, but losing a couple pounds off the front end couldn't hurt the cars performance.

I read a little about doing this but all the links and pictures were mostly dead. All you have to remove to do this is the front bumper and bumper shocks. 4 bolts and 4 nuts total. This is what you're greeted with after removing the bumper.

This is the only glimpse I could get of these parasites. They're way in there.

I took off more bolts than I needed to that I thought were holding it on. But it is only four 10 mm nuts (all four on the side of the frame rail). I also loosened the sway bar mount. Not sure if it was necessary but it seemed to help. Then with the help of a wire hanger, I pulled these little buggers out.

Roughly an hour and a half worth of effort yielded this loss.

Frame rail weights: 14.4 pounds

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