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Lots has happened in the last month or more with the car. I won't cover it all as I'm still working on certain things. But my odyssey pc680 battery now resides in the trunk. Because I had to pull a portion or the interior out to run the battery cable, I was able to get the door panel off and get my driver's side rear door open for the first time in 18 months. That was an amazing feeling. I still need to fidgit with the door handle but it opens and closes ok now.

Car was running pretty well aside from my normal sporadic high idle I've been dealing with since I bought the car. The 3" amm and Bosch green Giants seemed to be doing ok at 20psi on the 16t. Afr were good driving, at idle and in boost. It was running so well that I drove it every day for two weeks, even with the interior half apart. Going back to my 2012 civic si was so gutless in comparison. But whenever, my high idle would happen, the car would go very rich, throttle response was non-existent and drivability wasn't good at low rpm. I finally pulled the codes despite no check engine light and was given a 3-1-1 which apparently means lh2.4 is missing the speed signal. My speedometer seems to work fine so I think I need to check back of cluster to the computer and in between. But hopefully I'm on the right track to finally solving a long high idle battle. Any other suggestions for a 3-1-1?

I think I may pull up all the sound deadening from the floor of the car and trunk. A heat gun and paint scraper seems to pull it up cleanly enough. After that I'll lay a simplified and lightened interior back together. At least, that's the tentative plan. It would be nice to look and function like stock and lose a few pounds.

Here's a couple pictures of some random progress. Will post more when I make it to some finishing points.

I needed a new air filter to fit well with my do88 3" inlet hose and 012 amm. Here's the part number I went with, a dry intake that will fit inside my air box. I have yet to cut my air box out to 3" yet since I'm trying to nail down these drivability issues with this setup.

Here's after it's first wash in 6+ months; a trip to the duck pond with the family. Also, pm me if you have one single smooth white handle for me.
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