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Another dash/wiring update: The blower motor/heater core is out, and the removal of all the extra wiring is 99% complete.

I have removed the AC/blower motor relay, overdrive relay, clutch fan relay, fuel pump relay, ecu connectors, constant idle test connectors, and a bunch of wires for them. I also removed the 2 fuses for the fuel pumps and the fuse for the blower motor, as these will be replaced with new fuses and relays. The only thing I still need to figure out after looking through wiring diagrams, is a pinout of this grey 8 pin connector shown below. This is one of the two firewall connectors to the engine (the other of which was connected entirely to the ecu connectors). I found a pinout for a later model 240, but the wire colors are different. If anyone can help, that would be much appreciated.

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