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The pic's...
Sadly, I don't have many prior to the breakin, as I didn't even have a digital camera until then. From the breakin forward though...

As it looked when I was driving it from 1997-2003 as my daily:

Damges when the car was broken into. This ended up paying for majority of the paint work.

The Celica transmission

The 164 rotors, 240 calipers

The VPD Type II head (after it FINALLY arrived)

Doug Williams "Mr. Doug" 4/15/2009
Pete Fluitman "fivehundred" 7/14/2013
Mick Starkey "TrickMick" 1/10/14
Mark Baldwin "blue850t5" 7/19/18
Nick Fengler "fengler" 8/6/18
Thomas Fritz "stealthfti" 10/11/18
Bob Davi "bob davi" 10/2021

74 144 B20

90 745Ti

If you need Superpro bushings PM me for price and availability!

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