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So at this point it was June and a car showed up in the For Sale section that really got me interested. As I said before I was feeling lackluster about what I had with the red '91. So after a lot of thinking and staring at the computer I decided I really wanted to do more with the car. I put the '91 on a trailer and drove to New Hampshire to meet tbricker odinthewanderer (Matt) and traded him for something that had me a little more excited for my build.

This '92 245 was Matt's project that was built really nicely. It was also a Texas car originally so the entire thing was dry and clean - this is the type of stuff I wanted. I could now take everything off of this car and move it over to my '79, and it's quite a parts list.

This drove a lot differently than the red car! It was a nice NA setup with;
- MS2 v3, Kenny built plug and play stuff
- K cam
- KG header, 2.5" exhaust with two magnaflows
- Southern Ways Epsilon 3-piece wheels, 16x8 and 16x7

For suspension:
- Kaplhenke short strut coil overs with double adjustable Koni inserts, 350# Eibach springs (oof stiff, have to see if I can live with it)
- Kaplhenke Camber plates and Quick steer correction
- Boxed/powder coated control arms and trailing arms
- 28/25mm IPD sway bars, Kaplhenke adjustable sway bar links
- Yoshifab upper and lower braces
- Kaplhenke adjustable rear spring perches, 250lb blue coil springs
- Koni single adjustable race shocks
- Adjustable panhard and torque rods, torque rods had heim joints added on the axle side.
- poly everywhere except axle bushing

And the drivetrain:
- Modern driveline T5z trans with a shorter ratio fifth gear (2.95/1.94/1.34/1.00/.80), Mcleod short throw and Hurst shifter.
- John Parker adapter plate, modified clutch fork, and crossmember
- 3.91 modded g80 rear
- RSI lightened flat flywheel
- Clutchnet "red spec" clutch... whatever that means

The car ran and drove really well. I was impressed by how the mods had completely changed the character of the car over the stock '91. Honestly the car was so fun and so nice looking that I felt really bad for getting ready to take it apart, but at this point I was committed to the two door so it's fate was sealed.

In order to get started on the '92 I needed to get the 242 off the lift. But first, in the spirit of doing things backwards I needed to hack up my freshly painted strut towers for the Kaplan struts.

Now to get the body out of the way I needed a frame jig, so I built this very high tech patent pending design using some 4x4's carriage bolts and caster wheels from some staging. It worked perfect and is also one of my favorite pictures of the car

Right around this time I also found my engine donor, a '91 745t that had been in the family before. My Dad owned this car in 2007 before it went through some tbrickers; it was the first Volvo I ever drove. It would give me a b230ft, a 15g, and a bunch of stuff for my DD 945. It looks good in this picture but the body wasn't worth saving.

Back in the garage the '92 went on the lift and things came off of it.

Golden retriever approved transmission

We put the front and rear from the '79 back under the gold car so we could keep it a roller. Here it is getting pushed around by the 740, not so cool looking now is it!

And a long day in the garage later the 242 rolled out on it's own wheels again for the first time in quite a while, looking a good deal better than when it went in.

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