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Originally Posted by mikezohsix View Post
There maybe a lot of cars in bone yards in Texas, but not here.

The 745 was no where near as nice as the pictures. We looked at it months before he bought it for parts as a DD and passed on it. It sat here on TB for weeks if not months before it sold to someone else on TB. They did a ton of work on it, tried to sell it as a car, and finally decided to sell it for parts when Stiggy bought it.

The maroon 245 was traded to Odin for the gold 245, along with a stack of cash, it's now supporting a gentleman's farm in NH.

The only "car" we killed was the gold 245, which was a shame, but the car was gutted of suspension, drivetrain, wiring, brakes and all the fuel and brake line plumbing, so it did the donor thing to the highest degree. After pulling all that off of it, we've sold some body panels. Yet to come from it will be some replacement sheet metal for the windshield corners, power window regulators, and maybe the bumpers. It should be noted that this car also was for sale here on TB for a while, everyone wanted it, no one came up with the cash.

So we traded the life of a 92 245 for a 79 242.
Naa, just riding you.. I have scrapped cars i wish i had not. I am ok with such a nice 242 getting built and replaced with a wagon.
I like your work and direction. Clean classic on the looks with lingerie underneath.
IMO original clean cars get way more looks and thumbs up than hacked victims of spoiler happy teenagers.
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