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Originally Posted by DNAsEqUeNcE View Post
was a little dissapointed about having matt's wagon hacked up, I spent a just a little time in that car and doing some MS tuning on it - but it's cool an better seeing it all go into a really nice 242.
Yeah he mentioned that you had helped him tune it, car ran great so good work. Matt is a really good guy and he did a nice job on the car. He certainly spent money in the right places, it was the first Volvo I had seen with that kind of work done to it. If it helps at all by the time I got up there Matt was just happy to get the car out of his barn and have something be done with it. Hopefully the tan car is a deserving home.

Can't thank everyone enough for the positive remarks on the car. I've been at it for a while now but never wanted to put a thread up because I didn't think it was exciting or interesting enough. It's nice to share it with people who "get it" and appreciate the work.
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