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From what I have been looking at the '91 240 with a 5 wire AMM should be LH 2.4, like the '87 745, but when I look at the fuel computers, they use completely different plugs. Which is contradictory to what most of the information in this thread has presented. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to yank out the wiring harness from the 745 to make this work, unless someone else has a better idea.
From the way this reads, it appears that you are under the impression that an '87 745 uses LH 2.4, but that is incorrect. The '87 model would have come with LH 2.2.

Additionally, the 2.2 cars used a hall sensor in the distributor while the 2.4 cars use a crank position sensor for ignition location.

To run your 240 +T, you'll need computers from a '90+ 7/9-series turbo car.
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i think you guys ignore me sometimes cause i dont have a turbo or a black primered hood. I make cool engine noises with my mouth when i drive though.
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The best in-car (mouse)trap is a snake. If you use a rattlesnake, be sure to remove it before you drive the car.
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