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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
John V,

Are we just glimpsing into past glory here, or does this squirterizational kit yet live????

I've got an 85 small journal (55diam. mains) block that is awaiting a 2.5L stroker PENTA and 16V turbo retrofit. I've read that these squirters can NOT be retrofitted to that block, but from the top down on this graybeard thread I don't see that disclaimer.....seems like if the oil galley is THERE on my old school block, this mod. should function fine.

Please advise, oh great one!
Yes it lives, in fact it's living a nice cushy life just a few feet from me curled up in front of the fireplace, i swear the kit is purring....

I can see no reason these can't work in your block, journals are journals, galley is galley und befäl ist befäl!!!
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