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Anyone thought about installing 8 squirters per motor?
Just curious....
Seems like I've seen twins on Acura's GSR motors...
John, I'm going to give you a call when I get a moment regarding a B23 block and new pistons and rings. I was hoping to stay with the one I have a re-use the bearings and all the bottom end stuff, it's got very little wear....maybe 300-400hrs. Appears that the top end got water in it was why it's rusty.
I'd like to build something that really moves, all the boat guys are giving me crap about not using a 4.3L or 5.0L chev instead, I think a hot B23 would exceed the performance due to being over 400#'s lighter on top of having better fuel efficiency...
I'll be looking at a 15% weight savings on top of anymore umph I can get out of the 4-cylinder.
"Brick Boater"
AQ131a(B230) running great.
Twin carb, K-cam'd, Oversize valved B23/B230? build in the works...
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