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Originally Posted by badvlvo View Post
Did you install a 4ga wire from Alt+ to Batt+?
No. I'll do that AFTER testing. I want to see how it does with the same hook ups my Bosch had.

Originally Posted by badvlvo View Post
13.9v with everything on is pretty good for any alternator that size at that engine speed.
Remember that's COLD. A hot alternator is a whole different animal.

Originally Posted by klr142 View Post
My engine just seems very noisy/whiny and a decent amount of it seems to come from the alternator, even though it's been replaced in the past year(reman Bosch 80A). I wonder if the fan design on the new one is quieter than the external setup, and the new bearings may be quieter as well?
I have never noticed a Bosch external fan being noisy, unless it's broken. If bearings can be heard at any time, I would thing they would be very shot.

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