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Originally Posted by Infector 944
find a 90 oe newer manifold, and at least a .63/.60 t3 turbo from a turbo ford, or a t3/4 hybrid turbo. that will support 15psi easily... but will your engine?

What are your goals?

a gt28r is a serious turbo, if you put that on a stock car its not going to perform the way it should/could.

Actually a 28R/RS really isn't that big a turbo. In the scheme of things you can make similar HP levels with a TD04-19T for alot less money.

If your going to spend the money for a GT series, the SMALLEST I'd go is a 2871R. Its just hard to argue dollar/performance value for the smaller GT's imo.

Tobys right a good hybrid would do the job for most people here while being light on the wallet.

but then again, its not the turbo thats expensive, its all the other supporting mods (cam, headwork, intercooler, exhaust ect) and a way to tune the motor (chip or standalone) that adds up fast.
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