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Just letting you know, a 300hp turbo application, especially if decide to run cross, will require the following

90 plus manifold,

Because your block is of the early b230's, you should really get stronger rods, might as well c/o pistons for some good stuff.

You will need a new Intercooler, get a isuzu npr, not too expensive and they fit well to your volvo.

Would either suggest an mbc or saab apc to regulate boost, the saab apc monitors knock and will back off boost automatically if knock is detected so it will help. Its a little more of a bitch to install, and it can be quirkier to run.

Definnitaly get a bigger exhaust, custom dp, etc.

I really dont think your rebuilt m46 will take a track beating with 300hp going thru it, plan to upgrade to a getrag.

There are many other supporting mods you will want, these are the elementary ones, you can find much more info than ive given you on these items by searching the board.

Good luck
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