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Originally Posted by 740freak
thanks a lot, its this kind of informations im searching for!

I have a deal on a 16g(or b) turbo or maybe a t3/t4.. witch one do you suggest me?

My exhaust line is now in 2.5p with magnaflow.
for the diff.. what you suggest me? does it ok to get a 940/960? some people told me a mustang diff can fit.

what do you think?

thanks a lot for informations.

Well, the 16g is a td05, and although ive heard of them being put on your year volvos, i have heard they can be quite troublesome to install. As far as the t3/t4 goes, it is an easier install but it would require machining on the manifold flange to eliminate that little lump that makes this manifold only adaptable to mitsubishi's

You can make more power with the t3t4, depending on trim of course, than with the 16g,

The easiest and lowest cost swap, is to swap a td04 15g, you can get alot more power out of these than one would think, if im not mistaken there is a board member who made high 13's with this turbo.

The diff on the 940 is stronger and im pretty sure they all have eaton lockers on them. The lockers are good for launching traction, but ive heard they can be a little problematic when turning agressively because they kick on and off making the rear end rather twitchy, maybe we can get some feedback on this from someone who has tried it. Your best bet is an lsd, but i dont know who makes em, ive heard of using Jeep cherokee diffs
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