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Originally Posted by bobxyz View Post
I tried to view your videos, but they kept stalling (audio was OK). Maybe they'll playback better after the kids have all gone to bed.

During warmup, it's normal to get steam/condensation out the tailpipe. Does it spit out some [discolored] water droplets too? That's normal as well.

For the vacuum gauge, you want to connect it on the intake valve side of the throttle body butterfly -- should have high vacuum when idling with butterfly closed. If you connect it on the other side of the butterfly, the air filter side, it will show very little vacuum until the butterfly opens. If you have a Haynes manual for most any 90s car, they usually include a mystical reading a vacuum gauge section in the engine chapter.
I haven't noticed if the water spat out the tailpipe is discolored or not.
The vac gauge was connected to the top of the intake. I can take a photo, but it should be going to all the intake runners.
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