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While I wouldn't simply advocate for you to generally "forget it" consider that these vehicles are quite robust. If you hamfisted the HG job (which it doesn't sound like honestly) the damage you would do would simply be leaving you stranded at some point. The thing is... often times a bad HG will give warning signs (over-heating, oil mixing in coolant, exhaust gas in coolant etc) well before leaving you someplace. I might suggest checking your compression numbers, or performing a leakdown test to be doubly sure. Additionally, as has been mentioned, there are dyes you can get to do various things. The one I might suggest is the one that changes color in the presence of exhaust gasses. You use a bulb to suck it up.

You might also take solace in knowing that my car was pulled out of a field with 400k on it. It had been parked for a year with what they thought was a dead battery. This was ultimately (as I pointed out to them) a blown HG. Furthermore, they had driven it to the point of gross overheating. I replaced the necessary components, performed a stage zero and then added the +T stuff and that car is now a DD with 15psi of boost and a cam.

I encourage you to continue your quest to assure things were performed correctly because I think good mechanics are getting fewer and farther between. But don't fret too much if all the signs point to yes... you're probably good.

FWIW, I didn't notice anything in your videos that seemed abnormal?
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