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Originally Posted by John V, outside agitator View Post
You want to have some strangers Roger you royally? $400?/ Who? My old friends downtown?

I didn't wade thru all the above but simple more power is in this order, same for any engine:


The 3 Cs

Camshaft makes for the powercurve shape.
Powercurve shape makes the demand for the gearbox ratios

And depending on what you have or will have in the box that can be a big limter on just how much of a fun cam you can get aways with..
Make a peaky motor and the motor will go "whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (crunch) duuuuuuuuuh uh uh uhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh " on gearchanges and that ain't quick...

45s are fine. I have them on my little V4 and have run different motors over the year from 1886cc to 1815cc to 1730cc And won a round of US National Championship Stage rally with the damn little "spare 1730" and now with 1965cc, 38 venturis and no nothing done between those motors...

$400 is absurd..Unless you WANT to get reamed.

Some people are into that...

You need to talk to somebody with sense on Planet Earth that doesn't need to make this into "The Long March of the PLA"
Hah, thank you! Yeah, Carbs Unlimited quoted $400 for tuning and $300 for install of the DCOEs. I'm plenty comfortable installing them, but don't have all the tools to tune them carefully. Honestly I'm still pretty into the Mikuni set. From what I hear the biggest difficulty is linkage.
CX500 Build Thread:
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