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Originally Posted by cwdodson88 View Post
what canuk is trying to say about the exhaust ports is at the short side radius to the flange, DO NOT OPEN that area up. Actually, what would be ideal (from my reading) is to weld up the port floor from the flange to the SSR about 1/4" thick and then port on that. Cleaning up the bowls and whatnot around the guide and seat is a good idea.
Full marks. Measured for your convenience.

Full story here:

Engine building 101 here:

I welded up the port with NiRod and then ported from there. You can also gain some flow on the intake by turning the round port into a D with a little Devcon or JB-Weld.

I'm also working on a stainless header that can have a tab welded in...but that's a bit longish term right now.
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