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Hi TB!

I just installed an M90 in my 1993 945T and I can't get the clutch to disengage. What's the best way to adjust the engagement point of the clutch?

In 1st gear with the rear end off the ground, the wheels spin the same even if the clutch pedal is fully depressed.

The clutch setup is off another TBer's 945T, with a flat flywheel, 850 clutch disc, and a pressure plate - though I couldn't say which one (I imagine it came with the flat flywheel). Since its last installation, the clutch disc was replaced (damaged in shipping) and the flywheel was refaced.

The clutch fork sticks out of the bellhousing perpendicular to the input shaft, and the pivot ball is already spaced on 4 washers. The slave cylinder rod is ~4 inches long. With the slave installed, the throwout bearing rests against the pressure plate. With the clutch pedal fully depressed, the slave moves the clutch fork ~1cm.

The hydraulic system was bled by pressing the pedal & bleeding the slave. I tried a reverse pressure bleed but it didn't go anywhere.

The master cylinder rod that attaches to the clutch pedal will spin, but that doesn't appear to adjust the rod length.

Where should I start adjusting? I can post a video of the clutch actuating if it would help with diagnosis!

Thank you!
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