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Tilton or Quarter Master concentric release for sure, forks are like carburettors, history. Much better pedal feel, effort and reliability. Avoid ceramettalic clutch plates for a road driven car if you can find an organic plate and cover to handle the torque. Use a sprung centre plate. On a budget look at using a Saab or Ford concentric release, but you may spend the savings getting stuff made to fit them onto the bellhousing unless you have machining facilities FOC.
Cheers for the information.

Concentric master cylinder it is then. I'll have a look at the ones you recommend but maybe I can go Volvo 850?

Just thought I would clarify. I don't mind the prices of Volvo and Sachs new, so don't mind spending a few . I'm not in the position to spend on a custom clutch I don't think.

I think the 850R organic plate will be fine. It's more the pressure plate really and what's best.

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