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Originally Posted by MadDog_945 View Post
oh.. my.. god.. i opened it... this... is.. a mess :D
Hi MadDog, did you put yours back together? and do you know what type it is?
I also opened my L2 to check 5th gear and i was right!,
drive gear is 46 teeth, driven gear is 30 teeht so 0.652174 ratio multiplied by the end ratio from secundary axle to outgoing axle (26 to 30 teeth) 1.153846 makes 0.7525084
SO ALL DOCUMENTATION IS WRONG!!!, or i have a special one

on this image of you the 5th is (for an L2) 30 teeth on the right axle top gear, and 46 teeth on the middle axle top gear (left axle is upside down in your pic but not important for 5th)

I didn't get the outgoing axle out of the housing tail, did you press it or just hammer?
Is that middle part some removable bushing?

Now i want to also open my H1 to check if i can swap first gear into the L2
Anyone ever tried this?
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