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Ok, i'll get it off somehow
Here is an image i found on the web i added some extra info and translate to another unspeakable langue .

Also found that third gear is NOT 1.38 but 1.35, could be 1.38 if gear 16 had 42 teeth instead 41, i think someone miscount making the info, i count it at least 5 times
and Reverse is NOT 3.00 but 3.80, chequed also by turning, but who cares about reverse

Here's the ratios i calculated on my L2 box:
1st: 3.9053254
2nd: 2.1978022
3th: 1.3516484
4th: 1
5th: 0.7525084
R: 3.8051889

Based on the number of teeth in the pic you can do the math.
After (if) i open my H1 box i'll post results here too.

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