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Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
Back when I worked for a Volvo shop/yard, it was not at all uncommon to see B230F engines showing 175-200 psi compression numbers after being run for a few minutes at varying rpm. B23F engines frequently would show 225-230 psi straight across.

I would've had the machine shop skim the head while it was off, though. Even though you reinstalled the same head onto the same block, there may've been some slight warpage, which may be causing the head gasket not to seal properly.
There can be a caveat to machining a warped head. If you take out the warp by machining the contact surface you can create a new scenario where the cam sills are now not straight.

Did you have the head inspected by a machine shop ?
A decent shop will be able to tell you if it's warped/how much/specs.

I've heard of cases where someone just torques down a warped head(from the center typically), to avoid the mentioned situation, basically kick the can down the road for a bit.

If you discover the head is not sealing, find out what the acceptable range is for warped, and have the head inspected. If the head is out of spec, start looking for another head.

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