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Originally Posted by Jussi Alanko View Post
I think that if somebody had already bolt those pieces to his/her car and will give an information how it drives.

Then i have information about it. Information is always good, remember knowledge is power, horsepower, and driveability. If it handles like a sport car with those pieces i can spend money and buy those. If it handles lika a lowered old 240 then i had to go coilover route!
Hi Jussi, I understand what you are saying, but when the first post from the thread starter begins with:

"Time for some testimony.

For the previous 10 years, I've run several lowering spring systems on my 940 sedan. The first rendition was IPD blue "sport springs" matched with Bils HD; this arrangement gave the car a sporty stance for sure, but underwhelmed on handling and suspension manners. The second rendition was B&G Progressive lowering springs matched with KONI Sports. This setup slightly outperformed the original in lateral handling but was worse mannered when encountering road disturbances.

The best, is definitely the last:

It seems like a lame question
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