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The 960 braces reduce flexing of the subframe. The camber and caster mod improve grip and eliminate understeer, the 960 braces improve steering precision. It nice if the car follows your steering instructions exactly and not having to constantly make little corrections.

My 745 was blue metallic and sold from brabant to belgium.
1994 960 B204FT, full options, leather interior.
1991 745 B204GT (Swede Sixteen VT) M90 conversion.
1986 745 B230FT, 302mm V70 brakes, camber mod. (sold)
1983 244 turbo B21FT/AW71 - leather /airconditioning
1987 244 GLT - Polaris, Strutbar, viking motorsport lower chassis brace, k-cam, gaz strut/shocks, pu-bushings

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