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Yeah.. update.. had the Idea to go to the Zulassungstelle and get me a Kurzzeitkennzeichen without TüV. Im only allowed to drive in my local district and i need to be always on a direct way to home or from home to "Erlangung der Hauptuntersuchung" like an opportunity to reach the tüv.. in german law many things are "Auslegungssache" interpretation.. it says im only allowed without Tuev and a KZK zu drive to the TüV and back home.. or to a repair shop to make repairs to finally get TüV ;) So i drove 250kms back and forth to a buddy of mine who has a Volvo Werkstatt to improve the Software and listen to some broken things the car has to fix them to finally get TüV ;)

In the End of this drive i know which things to fix and what to do with the LH.. ditch it ;) The Gearbox outshaft bearing is fried, the driveshaft bearing is.. .. no more and the axles in-bearing is also fried.. so: Redo the whole axle and subframe with painting and stuff, open the M90 and measure als bearings and find the proper SKF equivalent and replace the driveshaft bearing.

It runs pretty pretty lean cause the Software we did was for that huge t3t70 turbo.. the 15G td04hl runs much too lean. But i really dont want to put much more effort/money into this LH scrap. To tune it properly a need another Ostrich or at least burn the software from the ostrich on a chip, put it into EZK and put the Ostrich on the ECU again to tune and then redo all steps to tune the EZK again ^^ i want VEMS.. or Link.. or whatever.. ^^

I did a video on youtube to show my software buddy the problems with lean conditions per remote ;)

and i realize: my nordish accent is pretty distinct :D

Oh... yeah.. pics! I installed also the do88 watercooler behind the do88 IC which was in there before and the new exhaust setup holds pretty awesome.. and no droning ! bam!

Finally this ride with some good and some (preknown) bad readings was pretty necessary.. feels good to be kicked in the back by your seats. I lost that feeling completely.. i now have bock again to finalize this car.

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