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Originally Posted by Mueller View Post
Your brake booster looks like crap and not worthy of this vehicle.... I think you should over-engineer a replacement ASAP.
If the bolts under the dash weren't such a pain in the ass I think I'd actually get around to fixing it.

Originally Posted by Kjets On a Plane View Post
Now that you’ve got a new Jurbo, potentially non-hooptie boost control for a “cruise control on/fuel economy setting”, fixed cruise vac leaks and a new throttle cable, will it cruise/drive pleasantly going slow/relaxed/lazily as well as fast?
That's not a bad idea making the boost super lazy with cruise on. hmmm.

The cruise control got heaps better after replacing the o-rings. I can't wait to see how it is with the new throttle cable.

It's actually quite pleasant no matter how you drive it.
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