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Originally Posted by Homer View Post
Another thing checked off the list that has been bugging me for a while. The throttle has always been heavy from extra drag on the throttle cable. The routing combine with age wasn't doing me any favors. I bought a new Gemo cable and shortened it.
Found new barrel ends and dip soldered it on. Turned out really well and the throttle is oh so smooth and light now.
Did you always dislike the heavy feel, or did it only become noticeable when you started driving newer cars regularly? I always liked it. When I briefly used a 960 throttle body on the yoshi adapter, it was SO light that I added an extra wind to the spring in the tb.

Originally Posted by Mueller View Post
Your brake booster looks like crap and not worthy of this vehicle.... I think you should over-engineer a replacement ASAP.
Not seen, it matches the trunk. Much shame.
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