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Yeah.. right now I am again in a Situation where i need to find out what to do.

That 5 day trial really kicked me going back to business and finish this thing, but the Problem is heres a bit rust and theres a bit "maintainance jam" ^^next to all the blingbling parts. This is going to be fixed, but.. in the End i have an engine which doesnt run good with the software i have and I really dont want to bother again with that crappy LH.. i sunk so much money in this pile and i dont want to spend any cent on going further with LH.. Also it wont pass the dyno test which is required for getting tüv again. when it only would need to pass emissions there were zeoro problems at all.. but that dyno where the tüv guys need to say, yep: thats reasonable is a big problem when it gets lean so much ;)

I totally often wrote here: "this winter im going MS2, MS3, MS3x then VEMS".. I now got a pretty good shot at an "old" blue LinkG4 Storm.. do it? Seems like the engine must get out again to fix some rust problems in the bay.. on that turn i could open the engine again and look at all the things I#ve done to it.. years ago ;) and install the yoshifab DSM CAS i have laying around for going full seq. ?? Darn...

I even bought a cheap 250cc quad this spring, only because i doesnt want to sit under my car again when all my garage buddies having fun with their toys in summer :D
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