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Originally Posted by Kjets On a Plane View Post
Now that you’ve got a new Jurbo, potentially non-hooptie boost control for a “cruise control on/fuel economy setting”, fixed cruise vac leaks and a new throttle cable, will it cruise/drive pleasantly going slow/relaxed/lazily as well as fast?
Cruise control is PERFECT now. The new cable routing did wonders. Easier to drive at low speeds too.

For giggles I threw an indicator on the rear axle. Found the passenger side axle flange is bent. A certain incident in my high school parking lot might be to blame.

Also found another issue on the front. It wasn't just the hubs causing the shimmy. Here's part of the email I sent to the company that made my adapters.

The brake rotor runout on the passenger side wheel was in
excess of 9 thou laterally. I suspected the hubs at first, replaced
those with new ones from the Volvo dealer. After hub replacement the
rotor runout on the passenger side was reduced to 6 thou TIR. TIR at the
hub flange was less than 5 tenths. Well within spec. The passenger side rotor still
had excessive lateral runout though.

I brought both front rotors in to work to be checked on the surface
plate in our QC dept. (I can show you numbers if you want) the rotors
also checked out. Within 5 tenths of each other. I put both adapters
on the surface plate. The drivers side adapter was flat within a thou.
The passenger side exhibited a distinct bend (high spot is along a
straight line across the adapter). It only rocks in one direction. I
measured 6-7 thou of displacement while rocking the adapter back and
forth on the plate.

I put the known flat adapter on the passenger side hub and the rotor
ran true. Less than a thou runout. I installed the bent adapter on the
drivers side and the runout issue in the rotor followed the adapter.
Not the rotor. I’d guess the bent adapter was taking up a good chunk
of lug clamping load and unevenly clamping the rotor, forcing it to
They were very responsive, I sent the bad adapter to them and they got a replacement made the same day.

This is taking longer than I want but I'm making progress. The vibration has been greatly reduced. I think I should be home free once I get that axle replaced with a straight one.
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