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Default Anyone ever put a 10" wide rear wheel on a 700/900?

Traded my wife's car in a while back and put the stock wheels/tires on it. I know I'm crazy for even thinking and asking for fear of sounding like a herrafrush kid. I've got a set of 20x8.5" and 20x10" wheels just sitting around. Even if I got the correct spacers/adapters I don't know if a 275/30R20 will fit in the fender wells. I mighta been drinking when looking at the wheels and my beater 740 thinking they could be friends. I don't mind cutting/rolling/pounding on the fenders. I'd spend a couple hundred bucks on some spacers/adapters to make it work as I have the wheels and tires, I wouldn't be asking if I didn't already have the rollingstock. Way back when I worked at a tire shop I had the luxury of trying different sizes on my 240 but I can't do that now. Any and all help is appreciated. I'm OK with you poking fun at me for asking too.
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