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Default 122 Front suspension upgrades

Looking for some dimensions so I can finish a side project. I'm designing a new UCA cross shaft that is slugged to allow angular changes, and roll center adjustments to the factory front suspension. I seem to have misplaced my sheet that had the UCA bushing ID. From a quick glance it looks like a 1/2 or 5/8" hole, does anyone know for sure?

The general idea is a billet block with a radiused slot for the cross shaft to chassis mount, and using slugs with offset holes to adjust the angular orientation of the UCA in order to provide 2 things.

First is to slightly lower the UCA to try bringing the roll center up closer to the CG. I know that the better way to do this with lowered Amazons is to run some sort of drop spindle, and that is in the works also.

Second is to change the angular orientation of the UCA so that it is lower in the rear (or higgher in the front) to force some anti dive in the front suspension. Anyone who has driven these cars hard knows that the only anti dive with the factor suspension is the spring, so you just run stiff springs, but this is not something that I feel is the best solution. After seeing what some of our Canadian and Australian racers have done, it seems that there was trial of dropping the UCA to get camber gain, but not much trial on adjusting angular orientation to provide anti-dive.
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