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Originally Posted by slammed145 View Post
I was originally quoted $480, which just about killed me, but ended up getting a friend deal at much less. ET Mags in San Leandro quoted me $250 for the drilling, which seemed totally reasonable. By the way, it sounds like they order blank wheels in custom offsets and drill them for your application. It's all gasser and street rod stuff on their website, but they've also done a bunch of custom wheels, and I imagine could be a good source for an inspiring young man who wants to make 5x108 BBS wheels available to the community... Or if nothing else, just a good resource to have on hand someday.

Extractor, huh? What is that, some sort of carpet shampoo-er / cleaner? Are you in Oregon or nor-Cal these days? I'm going to be in Modesto pulling the B20 out of our Orange 242 sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'll PM you..
Thanks for the wheel info.

Yes, it's a carpet shampoo-er. Same thing detail shops use. It has a heating element in it so it shoots steaming hot water/soap solution and has a very strong vacuum.

I'm in Angels Camp now. Not too far from Modesto. PM me when you are going to be in Modesto and I'll see if I can come visit.


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