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Got it cleaned up a little more this weekend. Wet sanded a couple of really crunchy parts with 600, 1000, then 1500 grit. An d then Claybar, and then polishing compound, and then Meguiers Cleaner wax. My arms are DED. But the car looks a lot better.

And then I drove it over to San Jose for the get together at In-N-Out, so that I could stand in a cold parking lot and talk about fuel injection with a bunch of other Volvo dorks. It was great.

And of course, there was another white 242 there, lower and with cooler wheels. Of course.

Up next, I have a lot of mechanical stuff that I need to do. It has a bad front wheel bearing and warped front rotors, so I'm going to replace the entire front strut assemblies with later non-ABS units. That way I'll get the bigger wheel bearings and vented rotors. After that, I need to go after the squishy engine and trans mounts, and then the driveshaft support bushing. The throwout bearing also sounds like it's making a bit of noise, but I'll try and hold off on that until I'm doing the clutch. I also wouldn't mind trying to quiet down the engine. It seems like the belts are making a ton of noise, so I'm going to try replacing accessory bushings and adding new belts. Might also look for a later AC compressor, because that big ass York compressor might be the source of all the noise.

I also have a lot of little visual crap to clean up and repair. Prep and paint all the black trim, rebuild and paint the front grill and headlight surrounds, remove the bumpers to smooth and repaint them, fix or replace some of the side trim, etc... And then continue cleaning up the interior. If I find a deal, I might swap in a lighter tan leather BMW interior, and then paint the vinyl parts to match. Just need to find a deal.

But for now, I'm just enjoying driving it!
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