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Long time, no update here.

I pulled the refurbed Torque Rods and Panhard Rod out and installed the IPD adjustables. I'll be fine tuning angles/lengths, but have everything relatively close.

I will be listing the original stuff (refurbed/painted 91+ with poly bushings) for someone to do DIY adjustables.

I still haven't had a chance to find the source of my poor running condition. I will start by troubleshooting the ignition, and will then dive into the K-Jet if the ignition is not the issue.

I am gradually getting the car to a point where I can sell it - either BAT or Ebay - the lack of AC (and my unwillingness to try to install an aftermarket system) means it is time for the car to be passed on. It is my daily driver, and the humid eastern summers are not conducive to staying reasonably "fresh" for an office job.

Next on the project list:
- Ignition / K-Jet

After that, I have several things lined up:
- Replace most brake components (new stuff sitting in the box, ready to go)
- Replace clutch (Sachs kit on the way)
- Re-do tailgate wiring
- fix/replace windshield wiper motor
- Install Hella H4's and relay. I've had the lights sitting in a box for a year, just haven't gotten around to installing them. When I do this, I'll refurb the quad round bezels and grille
- Repair buttcheeks - minor rust, currrently being held at bay with a wire brush/primer job.

Those are the items on my list before I sell the car. Should be fun.

Ive been researching and watching used 996's and C30's - my prime candidates for something fun and sporty that is also a decent DD.
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