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Finally got around to waxing the car, after numerous false starts, including full compound and initial prep.
I powerwashed the flaking clearcoat to clean up the hood. It'll do for now.

Other note: I had a new '91 windshield installed a couple of months back. The old one was pitted and leaking in numerous spots around the perimeter. I like the new one quite a bit, though it comes at the expense of having to remove the chrome trim. I might try to affix the trim to the rubber to get that original look back.

I've done a couple of rounds of adjustments on the panhard/torque rods and still have some vibration in the driveline. For now I have the rear tranny yoke within 1 degree of the diff yoke, and about 2.5 degrees off from the rear portion of the driveshaft. I have some new tranny and motor mounts that I will install, then re-check the rear.
I'd love to hear some input from any folks who've adjusted their torque/panhard rods with the 2-piece driveshafts for any tips (which yokes to align, angle variations you've seen in your applications, general tips, etc).

I might be resigned to take the car into an old Volvo guy to figure out my poor running condition. I don't have a dwell meter or oscilloscope, and think that running through the K-jet and/or ignition system might be too much for me to take on with my diminishing wrenching time.


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