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Originally Posted by Ryan_R View Post
It's actually functional as an airbag. A friend just had his '93 get smashed head on up to the A-pillar and the airbag actually did some good. Of course, I was in a pretty good collision in an '85 245 20 years ago... so I'm not sold.

Functional, yes. As safe as a modern airbag, no. The old ones were meant to stop a 200 lb man, not wearing a seatbelt. The new ones are meant to be used with seatbelts, therefore, they're less likely to severely injure (unless Takata) a 5'2" tall 120 lb woman who happens to have the driver's seat all the way forward, like my mother. Her torso length is normal, but she has somewhat short legs so, in a 240, the seat cushion is touching the center dash console for her to reach the pedals comfortably.


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