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Originally Posted by VB242 View Post
Why does everyone think batch fire is so bad? I think it gives the fuel a little more time to vaporize, but I'm no expert.
I think it might make the mixtures a little more consistent over all the cylinders at idle, but really, when the revs are higher, it really doesn't make much of a difference. I wired up my 16V with sequential injection using an MS3X, so with a couple of clicks, I could change it from sequential, to batch.

Could I tell a difference? Hell no. Not even at idle. On the sequential setting, you can specify the timing of the injection event, I played around with that once, as you'd expect (since batch fire didn't make any noticeable difference), the timing didn't seem to make much of a difference either.

I'm sure there are situations where it would make a difference, perhaps at cold idle (where the fuel needs more time to vaporize?), but mostly, I think the differences are going to be too subtle to detect by the seat of the pants.
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