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Originally Posted by MDVLN View Post
1 - Stock MAP is 1 bar.
1A -I can't remember what bit of trickery I did, if any, but try plugging in a 3 bar and see if the car starts

2- Somewhat of an unintentional trick question. Rex/Regina FOR ME was like Jekyll & Hyde in regards to being on and off boost in respect to AFR's. Also depends on your turbo choice. 13C/15G could make good use of the P80 injectors without much issue.
2A - Interesting. Will keep an eye out for how you go about that.

3 - My KISS answer is the 1/4" NPT plug off the front of the block under the water pump. Other have also Tee'd off from the oil pressure sensor without issue.
3A - In car? You could get something welded onto the pan. I think someone here was playing with a Kinugawa no-weld fitting but I cannot recall who that was at this time.

1) Do you know what the ohm range for the stock sensor is?

2) Sorry but what are p80 injectors? Lol

3) Do you have a picture of that plug? Is it plugged from factory or do I need to drill and tap?
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