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Default Davis 2018 - April 28-29!

Davis 2017 got the ball rolling a full year ahead of time. Gary has not confirmed the date, but the club released it on Facebook so ha! 4/28-4/29 .

See you there. I'll be flying down this time.

Event on Facebook

More details from the club:


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well!

Lots of good news to report!

2018 Davis Meet Weekend:
A. Date Set
B. Website Updated
C. Sponsors and Volunteers Needed


A. 2018 Davis Meet Weekend- Date Set:

The 2018 Davis Meet Weekend date has been set!

Mark your calendars for:
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - Sunday, April 29, 2018

Saturday will be A-La-Carte Events.

Sunday is the Davis Car Show & Swap Meet.


B. 2018 Davis Meet Weekend- Website Updated:

The Davis Meet Weekend website has been updated with 2018 event information!

Check it out:

Please note that event details are still being coordinated and confirmed.

When details are released, announcements will be posted to the websites, mailing list, and social media pages.


C. 2018 Davis Meet Weekend- Sponsors and Volunteers Needed:

The success of the show depends on the time, talent, and contributions of our sponsors and volunteers!

If you are able to contribute and/or interested in joining the team (or know anyone that is), please let us know!

Details posted on the Davis Meet Weekend Website:


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