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The vacuum on the boost gauge in idle seems quite low from what I can tell?
The needle is much more to the left on mine - I have a numerical boost gauge on mine as well and it shows about 0.65 during idle and 0.85bar vacuum during cruise (if I remember correctly).
Are you sure you don't have any vacuum or boost leaks?

Under boost it doesn't seem to be far off than what it should be I guess?
The stock boost pressure is 0,55bar (I think - about 8psi) and by the looks of the gauge it seems to be there +/- I'd say.

Last time I saw a post from you on the Facebook group the wastegate actuator was disconnected or something, is everything alright on that end?
As said above, does the actuator arm have enough preload? Without any preload on it, the wastegate flapper thing inside the turbo isn't fully closed and is creating a boost leak.
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