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Originally Posted by didenpx View Post
Body looks in really good condition!

I've been following along so maybe I already saw and forgot, but what's your overall plan for the car? You're well on your way to a full up resto!
Overall, the body isn't bad, especially for a 140. It has some rust around the front and rear of the driver side rear wheel opening, the rear of the passenger side wheel opening, the windshield corners, and the area in the last photo.
The drip rail and roof above the driver's door is dented, and the passenger door is rusted out. I have a replacement door.
It's just going to be stock, the only "non-stock" items will be the VP lowering springs and sport exhaust, the VTO Minilite wheels, and the 74 striped interior. Oh, and the stereo, but it will be hidden and an old Volvo stereo will be in the lower radio location.
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