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Originally Posted by 6thousandths View Post
looks like that blasting tool really makes quick work of stripping paint, is it worth a buy?
This hasn't done with the spot blaster. That only does a spot about the size of a dime. It's worth it to find the spot welds on my driver's floorpan, but not for large areas.
The undercoating was removed with a Sunex "surface blaster", which is like an air-powered angle grinder that take special wire wheels, a needle scaler, a cheapo multi-tools with scraper bits, & an air scraper.
Getting it to clean metal so far has been by hand, with lacquer thinner & Scotchbrite pads. That is to get the undercoating residue off, and getting into tight corners that no tool will reach well. I'm about 75% finished with this.
Then I'll wipe the whole thing down with lacquer thinner & hit the remaining primer with a DA sander. After that, I'll spray any surface rust that can't be sanded out with Ospho (phosphoric acid).
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