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Thanks guys!
Finished cleaning with Eastwood Afterwash. Kind of a pain, you can only do small areas because it runs to low spots and drips off. Here's where it pays to find out what a product actually is before buying it. It turns out that the active ingredient in this is phosphoric acid which makes it basically high priced concrete cleaner / etcher.
It's a good thing that I have Ramboard (construction cardboard) on the floor. Where this dripped and ran down my jackstands, it definitely etch my garage floor. It also neutralized any surface rust or pitting on my floorpan, as well as cleaned the metal. Can't complain too much, it worked as advertised.
But, I could've gone to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought a similar product for quite a bit less.
I popped the plugs out of the inner rocker panels and vacuumed out 44 years worth of leaves and twigs. Going to spray these with Eastwood internal frame coating shortly. Then I'm going to start rust repair. Yay!!!
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