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Hunting for a turbo
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Drove the car last night on the freeway to 100... It melted #3 spark plug wire boot and wire this time, not #1 like it had been.

Someone suggested that my EGT is too high? It has a TD04HL-16T exhaust housing with a 6cm housing on it.
/\ that turbo. If i swapped to a 7cm angle housing instead of the conical one, would the exhaust temp go down? Blowing about 23psi-25psi through an NPR diesel intercooler.
Maybe a bigger intercooler would help? IAT is good, not super hot.

Sometimes it backfires at 5k+ rpm and full boost and makes a black smoke cloud, maybe blowing out one of the spark plugs?
Getting rid of the distributor is on the table next summer when I upgrade more things.
One Volvo left.
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