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Hunting for a turbo
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Oh yeah, I'm still doing things to this stupid car.
  • Stock turbo was a T3 .42 /.48 a/r, that made 18psi before dying
  • "upgraded" to a rare-ish .52 /.48 that made the same and puked it's seals out too
  • then a "known-good" TD04-16T was installed by ARD, made about 14psi on LH 2.2 before it
    had issues and blew out the seals and fouled the oxygen sensor.
    That turbo was on the car for about 10 miles and 4 years lol.
  • P.R.E installed a 20T billet hybrid thing that made good power and crazy fast spool, but EGT was way too high @25psi with it's tiny 2.25" exhaust housing and kept melting things. That turbo was on for a few hours of dyno tuning, maybe 30 miles?
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