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Originally Posted by DurableSwedish View Post
haltech+holstet+rsi stage III head+25psi=win (also dead M46 and rear differential lol)
lol, this was posted almost 10 years ago. RSI went under before I could buy a built head from them, but all the porting and polishing and IPD turbo cam and double valve springs is probably good enough anyway.

Holset is installed, need to tow the car somewhere to have a new 4" downpipe welded up and a new 3" hot side intercooler pipe made, then throw it back on the dyno and get it retuned.
I'm using the Holset internal waste gate ported to 1" currently. The wastgate opens at 20-ish PSI, so hopefully my 650CC fuel injectors are big enough to do some dyno pulls.

had to reroute some water lines since the TD04 was water cooled. my radium catch can is water cooled too so am working on making a neater coolant hose setup. Trying to clean up the engine bay, so many wires and hoses all over the place...
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