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Default zeroing in?

I got in there today, fun as it is. Thanks so much. There is such a dearth of info on this car, even via AllData at my pal's shop.

I was unable to see much of anything with light and a mirror, but I have a (invaluable) Snap-On boroscope. Bending the lighted tip and moving it around, I was able to see the flap that closes off the exhausted gases, thereby using all that energy to spin the turbine; controlled by the shiny newish vacuum pot at turbo's front. There was no way the control rod length was allowing it to close and after detaching it, I found some binding in the flap's movement. Exercising it back and forth a few times seems to have freed it so it moves easily, full swing. that cpontrol rod is way off in adjustment, probably wrong since the vacuum pot was changed by a PO. Sadly, I did not see enough detail for cracking.

Tomorrow, with more light and energy, I'll address that rod length issue, then reassemble the down pipe and shroud. I expect and feel this old Swede brick may hop away from stops quite spritely. The minimalist Haynes manual at least has the adjustment procedure.

I'm still quite sure there is a incorrect vacuum hose setup, akin to what I found, done by a PO, with the wiring. I have a number of vacuum hose diagrams, for various cars, but this '87 turbo has no underhood sticker. At least at this point, that may just mean the CC won't work and the vacuum pump runs too often; neither a safety issue.

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