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It turns out that I should not trust my memory when it comes to procedures. Reading and looking at the motor helps. That was the easiest job I've ever done on the car.

ECT sensor replaced. Butt dyno says the car is incrementally better, although traffic is so bad I can't find an empty stretch of road to see how much better. It does seem to be more consistent between cold and warm, although I still lose a lot of power.

I also did adjust the wastegate down to where it takes just a teeny bit of extension to get it on the wastegate arm.

Also re-did my leak test. The air is still going somewhere, and it's either the turbo or my brand new silicone air fittings, which are clamped to the turbo using new T-bolt clamps and an electric impact driver. No splits or leaks there. I'm thinking that seal behind the compressor housing is probably bad as Janspeed suggested. I am putting a bit of strain on one of my hose joins, so a new one with a bend in it is on the way, but I expect the leak is actually in the turbo somewhere - it sounds like it's in a big cavernous space. This seems like a likely candidate. Probably won't get to inspect it unless I run across a decent condition T3 of equal or better performance that I can afford. I really can't risk trying to rebuild the turbo on a time crunch since this is my daily driver for the foreseeable future.
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